Why does skin discoloration of the neck occur?

Skin discoloration on the neck region is extremely unattractive. It can totally mar your beautiful looks. But, it is pretty easier to get rid of the skin discoloration around the neck with the creams. There is no need to undergo laser surgeries, chemical peels to eliminate the marks. People often suffer from the embarrassment of having dark patches over their neck. The condition gets even worse when your skin tone is fair. Since skin is the prominent organ protecting the entire body and covering the essential systems of the human body, you must take necessary steps to protect your skin.

Why does skin discoloration of the neck occur

How does skin discoloration around the neck occur?

The topmost layer of the skin is known as epidermis which comprises of the substance known as melanin. Epidermis is responsible for producing the substance called melanin which imparts color to the skin. The melanin in your neck area may get affected due to variety of reasons, leading to skin discoloration. Discolored skin patch may develop in regions of the body where there is a difference in the level of melanin. Melanin protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. There may be hundreds of reasons for discoloration around the neck.

Chief reasons behind skin discoloration

Some of causes behind skin discoloration around the neck are discussed below:

•    If you are exposed to the rays of the sun for substantial number of hours, there can be skin discoloration. This will cause brown spots, pigmentation around the neck. Melanin is the substance which protects the topmost layer of the skin. If there is excessive exposure to the rays of the sun, there will be an overproduction of melanin, leading to skin darkness and brown spots.

•    Any kind of excessive intake of iron may also result in skin discoloration around the neck.

•    Some kind of medication may change or disturb the levels of estrogen, leading to skin discoloration. The symptoms will be shown first on your neck.

•    If the skin around the neck tends to fold due to excessive fat, there might be skin discoloration.

•    Natural aging process can also show in the form of discoloration of the skin.

Ways of improving skin discoloration

A lot many creams and medicines are available in the market to cure skin discoloration. Regular use of the creams can reduce the appearance of the brown spots, white spots, etc. If you see the signs of discoloration, you must get in touch with a reliable dermatologist. He can prescribe you proper medications to eliminate the symptoms. You may also use certain home remedies:

•    Use lemon peel on the affected area to get relief from the spots. After the lemon peel is rubbed on the skin, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash off. This can be done twice daily.

•    Scrub the skin daily with the help of olive oil. The discolored patches will fade away gradually.

•    Mix baking soda and water. Rub the skin and exfoliate.

•    Blend honey and almond. Apply the mixture on the area.

Skin discoloration on the neck area is embarrassing to look at. If you wish to eliminate the problem, avoid excessive exposure to sun and try out the home remedies.