Natural remedies for skin discoloration

Skin discoloration is the consequence of natural pigmentation of the skin called the melanin. If melanin is over produced, the skin will appear discolored. Patchy and irregular discoloration of the skin may be caused when there is a change in the level of melanin. Melanin is the substance which is produced by the skin cells and it is melanin which is responsible for the color of the skin. Skin discoloration is the major cause of concern since you may notice unexplained and persistent darkening and even lightening of the skin. If you find patches all over your skin, then you should do something about it. The skin cells known as melanocytes produce melanin which imparts color to the skin. There are several natural remedies you may follow to do away with the discolored skin. If you want to address the discolored skin, you must get in touch with a physician in order to rule out the probable medical conditions.

Natural remedies for skin discoloration

Lemon juice: the powerful way to treat discolored skin

Squeeze the juice of one lemon and soak a cotton ball. Apply the cotton ball to the discolored skin twice daily and leave for 20 minutes. As per the leading dermatologists, lemon juice is naturally acidic and can remove the topmost layer of the skin. If the lemon juice is used continuously, you will notice visible results within 4-5 weeks. Along with lemon juice, you may also rub your skin with a slice of red onion. If both the natural remedies are followed together, you will notice early results.

Massage with extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is very much gentle on the skin and much better than over-the-counter ointments. You just need to massage the skin with extra virgin olive oil and leave for 30 minutes. Use lukewarm water to wash off. This will also help you to eliminate discolored skin. Being gentle on the skin, the oil can fabulously moisturize your skin. The brown spots you find on the skin will fade in no time. Just apply olive oil, wipe off with moist warm cloth.

Castor oil for discolored skin

If there is tough layer of skin, you can apply castor oil and massage the skin thoroughly. Apply castor oil twice daily to see visible results in a few weeks. This will make the skin smooth and also break down the melanin.

Vitamin C supplement or Vitamin C rich food

If you have discolored skin, it would be great to eat vitamin C rich food. Consume a lot of citrus fruits and broccoli. Vitamin C can fabulously fight off the free radicals and remove the discoloration on the skin. It also repairs the skin tissue.

Burdock tea for blood purification

Skin discoloration may also be caused if the blood is not purified. You may drink the tea prepared from burdock to purify the blood.

It is very important to flush out the toxins by staying hydrated. Skin discoloration occurs when the surface of the skin is broken or gets irritated with the abrasions and acne. However, by following the above ways, you may do away with the discoloration.