Laser treatment for skin discoloration

Skin discoloration and skin pigmentation are of various kinds. Discoloration may show age spots, birthmarks, freckles and brown spots. Depending on the severity of the problem and the cause of the skin discoloration, certain kinds of abnormalities on the skin may be treated. Albinism is one such skin condition which cannot be treated. On the other hand, freckles and brown spots are normally faced by Caucasians. With excessive exposure to the rays of the sun, the cluster of melanin becomes worse. In fact, certain types of discoloration may be eliminated with the help of skin creams while the other cannot. If the skin cream shows no result, you need to consider laser treatment. Laser pigmentation treatment is the latest in the cosmetic and skincare industry that can powerfully address almost any kind of skin mark, blemish or age spot. Although there are some risks attached to the kind of treatment but still its benefits outweighs the risks.

Laser treatment for skin discoloration

The kinds of laser treatments

There are various kinds of laser treatments that may be used to treat the discoloration. The laser skin resurfacing employs different kinds of lasers and techniques to cure the skin marks. It is mostly an overproduction of melanin which leads to skin marks and discoloration. Following are the kinds of laser treatments:

•    If only a small area is affected by the rays of the sun, you may go for fractional laser to rid the damaged tissue or the cells that are causing an excessive production of melanin. This type of laser will speed up the natural healing process to eradicate the marks and blemishes.

•    The LED or light emitting diode laser treatment is another type of treatment which is used in spas to treat skin discoloration. Dermatologists also use this type of treatment to eliminate the marks.

How does the LED treatment works?

LED laser treatment is the latest in the realm of treating skin marks and skin discoloration. The type of treatment targets the melanin and directly reduces any overproduction. So, the skin discoloration fades when the melanin reaches its normal level.

Commonly used lasers

Some lasers used commonly include Fraxel lasers, Erbium and CO2.

Benefits and working of laser treatment

Lasers are powerful skin treatment that removes the dead cells, promotes the reformation of collagen, destroys harmful bacteria and also improves the circulation. With the reforming of collagen, wrinkles and fine lines are eliminated. Your skin becomes firm and youthful. Apart from this, collagen functions to promote skin coloration. The coloration is thus kept at a constant level. Lasers directly address the problem area, eliminates the affected area and gets rid of the discoloration.

Skin discoloration may result from excessive exposure to sun’s rays, any kind of medication or obesity. Laser treatment will help improve your skin tone and get rid of the discoloration. Your skin gets a kind of balance when the melanin production is regulated. Through the laser treatment, you may avoid using bleaching agents and chemical burns. Since your skin tone becomes bright and even, you can use the cosmetics with ease. It is important to get in touch with a licensed plastic surgeon for the treatment.