How can you treat skin discoloration?

Skin discoloration is caused due to skin pigmentation called melanin. If the pigment is overproduced or under produced in certain areas, there will be discoloration on the skin. Affecting the topmost layer of the skin, you are left with brown patches. There can be various reasons behind the overproduction of melanin such as an exposure to the rays of the sun, liver problem, poor dietary habits, indigestion. Such aspects can cause skin discoloration and ugly patches. You need to first treat the skin which is discolored and also need to prevent it from happening. Sunspots, also called the age spots, dark spots, liver spots, may show in brown color, white color and even black and purple color. Skin discoloration can also occur when one is young. Spots are mostly developed by those who are always exposed to the rays of the sun. When there is the instance of hyperpigmentation, you may follow various tricks to cure the discoloration.

Skin Discoloration

The need for using lightening creams

You may visit a dermatologist who can prescribe you skin lightening creams to fade the spots in a slow manner. The lightening cream can be used alone or may be combined with steroids and retinoids to bring about quick results. Sun protection with the sunscreen of SPF 30+ can also help.

Laser therapy for destroying melanin cells

Laser therapy is the powerful way of destroying the melanin producing cells which brings about early relief from discolored skin. Indeed, it never damages the topmost layer of the skin but still removes the dark and patchy skin. To attain long lasting results, you will need various sessions. People with dark skin tone must avoid using the laser therapy.

Can urine therapy treat skin discoloration?

Yes, indeed the urine therapy may treat discolored skin. This therapy has been used since decades to treat the discolored skin. What you need to do here is catch the morning urine and soak in the cotton ball. Just apply the cotton on the surface of the discolored skin for 15 minutes. Let the skin dry and wash off.

Exfoliate the skin with a lemon toner

Since lemon juice is acidic in nature, it may exfoliate your skin. It will help remove the dead skin cells as well. Being high in the Vitamin C content, lemon juice is the free radical fighter which turns the skin cells over to reveal a new layer of skin. Just soak the cotton ball in the lemon juice and apply over your problem skin. Allow the lemon juice to soak and dry.

The need for using baking soda

Baking soda is the type of abrasive which helps in removing the dead skin cells and revealing the fresh layer of skin. You just need to take one teaspoon of baking soda and add a bit of water. The paste can be applied on the problem area and may be scrubbed off gently. The dead skin cells will be removed and along with that the skin discoloration will also be eliminated.

By following the above mentioned processes, you may get rid of the discolored and patchy skin. Such processes will also improve your skin condition and smooth out uneven skin.