Can costume jewelry cause skin discoloration?

Jewelry is the most favorite accessory and item of embellishment for every woman. Perfectly chosen costume jewelry can add the touch of style and an element of grandeur to any of the costumes. If the costume jewelry is produced with non-precious metals, there can be skin allergies and discoloration of the skin. But, unfortunately, the skin disorders or allergies that are caused due to costume jewelry are not diagnosed in advance. So, skin discoloration is the immediate result. Let us check out the chief causes behind skin discoloration when you wear costume jewelry.

Jewelry cause skin discoloration

The reasons behind skin discoloration

Costume jewelry might cause skin discoloration. It is very sad to note that your favorite fashion and vintage jewelry turns the skin blue, red and green. This is not true for all but those who have a sensitive skin need to bear skin discoloration. The chief reason behind the discoloration of the skin is wearing the vintage pieces for a continuous period of time. Artificial jewelry pieces, in particular, have corrosive elements in the jewelry pieces that cause skin discoloration. The corroded elements in the piece encounter the moisture and air and tend to rub against the skin. When the elements in the jewelry pieces rub against the skin, there is skin discoloration. Secondly, the reactive elements in the atmosphere and sweat can combine to cause skin eruptions. Within minutes, the reactive element in the air starts reacting with the metal. The consequence of this has to be borne by the one who is wearing the jewelry piece. Such reactions may cause skin discoloration and if left unattended, the skin discoloration may become severe. It may then lead to dangerous skin conditions.

Steps to be taken to prevent skin discoloration

Well, if you cannot stay without flaunting costume jewelry, you can take certain steps to prevent skin discoloration. Following are the steps:

•    You need to clean your pieces on a regular basis to rid the jewelry piece from reactive zinc and oxides. So, there will be no unnecessary reactions with the skin.

•    Make use of the spacers in order to fill up the space between the jewelry and the skin. Loose rings generally cause skin discoloration.

•    Get the jewelry pieces polished or coated from time to time. Thus, they remain safe from the impacts of moisture. Moisture may cause a lot of reactions, leading to skin discoloration. Try to wear the jewelry when your skin stays dry. Prior to wearing the pieces, you can apply the powder to dry your skin.

•    If you are iron deficient, you can intake iron supplement. Try and incorporate iron rich food in your diet to do away with the allergic reactions.

•    Keep your skin free from any kind of residual buildup from cleansers and soaps. They can just add to the problem.

It is important to just avoid wearing vintage and costume jewelry for a prolonged period of time. Do not wear cheap metals. It is good to wear original metal jewelry. If you have sensitive skin, you must avoid cheap metals like stainless steel and titanium.